“When one of our cycling friends suggested a guided tour of the WW1 battlefields by bike my husband and I jumped at the chance: it gave us the opportunity to explore the countryside of northern France in the very best way possible – on two wheels – while learning more about the battles which cost such a great number of lives. An unexpected bonus of booking the trip was that it prompted us to look into our own family histories, and I found that all four of my great grandfathers had served in the Great War in northern France and survived. Furthermore, Jeremy was able to discover an incredible amount of detailed information about one of my great grandfathers, and we had the huge privilege of tracing his movements and then cycling down the very lane where, all those years before, his actions had earned him the Military Cross.

Jeremy is an excellent guide and a talented and engaging storyteller whose passion and enthusiasm for his subject shines through. We were captivated day after day by his vivid accounts of the action which he supplemented with extracts from war diaries and maps of the battles. We spent a very sobering but hugely enjoyable five days cycling in the footsteps of our relatives and we learned so much; I’d thoroughly recommend Jeremy to anyone wanting to do the same.”
Hilary Dickson, Farnham, July 2024

“I spent an excellent three and a half days cycling the battlefields of Northern France under Jeremy’s skilled guidance. To say I enjoyed the experience is an understatement – it was utterly brilliant.

Jeremy used his expert knowledge to plan, organise and guide the whole trip and had built in visits and short stops at several places of particular interest to me. Each day we covered around 65km on the bikes but with the frequent stops to listen to Jeremy’s unfailingly attention-grabbing explanations and stories of events of over 100 years ago it was thoroughly enjoyable. On top of that he’s great company to ride with.

A particular highlight for me was the day spent following the Canadian advance to the Drocourt-Quéant Line and on to the Canal du Nord – a really great cycling route through countryside new to me with interesting and engaging stories at each stop. The day around the Arras battlefield area was also excellent – a super cycling route which gave me a better understanding of the advances and setbacks as the Allies moved forward to seize the numerous German defensive lines. Jeremy’s planning for this day included passing through the villages of Fampoux and Roeux which I had last visited some years ago and was keen to see again.

We spent much of the time cycling on quiet rural roads where often the only hazard of any note was the occasional farm tractor. Cycling on off-road tracks was also great fun and not only provided spectacular views across the landscape but enabled us to reach several locations of interest which were virtually inaccessible other than by bike. If you like cycling – especially on quiet country roads and tracks – and have a connection with or an interest in the 1914-18 conflict I personally would highly recommend a ‘Cycling the Battlefields’ tour with Jeremy.”
Jim Baldwin, Bristol, July 2024

“A very humbling and enlightening few days cycling around the Somme and Arras First World War battlefields. The highlight was my dad and I visiting the grave of my great great uncle who died in June 1917. If anyone has any interest in remembering the sacrifice these young men made or has relatives who fought/died there I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. His knowledge and planning were truly second to none. What Jeremy doesn’t know about the battlefields of the First World War isn’t worth knowing.”
Claire McDonagh, West Midlands, July 2024

“Without your expert knowledge it would have been an uninformed look at a few fields. Instead you transported us right back to the unfolding events of the battle, literally following in the footsteps of the fallen, hour by hour, understanding the horrific sacrifices made whilst explaining how events on the ground fitted into the wider context of the Western Front.”
Lee McDonagh, West Midlands, July 2024

“My husband decided to organise a trip to the WW1 battlefields. When he came across a cycle guided tour run by Jeremy it covered both his passions so he put together a trip with our cycling buddies with Jeremy as our guide. We were 14 in total.

So glad we did! The trip was a great success and Jeremy was brilliant. He did detailed research on several of the group’s relatives, some who survived and some who died. He took us to areas where they fought and read out descriptions from war diaries of the regiments they were in. His knowledge of the Great War was exceptional and his enthusiasm rubbed off on us all. He brought the men’s service back to life, harrowing as it must have been.

Jeremy has an impressive CV and told us many stories of people he has met and worked with. He made the whole trip extremely informative and although a sombre subject, we had many laughs including sitting in a bus shelter in the pouring rain singing WW1 songs!

I would highly recommend Jeremy as he customises the tour to the client which adds another dimension to the experience.”
Karen & Robin Davies, Chester, June 2024

“We had a memorable and enjoyable trip with Jeremy. His knowledge of the geography brought the area of the battlefields to life with great interest and poignancy. We visited memorials and cemeteries where he honoured some of the men by sharing their stories in an engaging way that demonstrated his passion for the subject. I shall never forget some of the stories that he shared and would recommend him as a guide to anyone interested in knowing more about this conflict that had such a terrible cost to a generation.”
Sarah Wheadon, UK, June 2024

“I have read novels about the First World War & visited sites but Jeremy’s research into relative’s war experience enabled me to walk/cycle in their footsteps & see where they had been fighting. Jeremy made history come alive & personalised it. Thank you.”
Dianne Young, UK, June 2024

“We enjoyed an excellent holiday cycling the Western Front, a great way to explore and understand the battlefields. Jeremy was well prepared and enthusiastically explained the battles – the how and the why. This was put vividly into context when Jeremy took us to the sites where relatives of the group had served, seen action and in some cases died. He related their stories with insight and compassion.”
Joanne & Lester Evans, UK, June 2024

“We were part of a large group of 13 friends who have just enjoyed a fascinating 3 day cycle tour around the battlefields and war graves around Ypres. Jeremy guided us expertly on both the cycling picking great routes and also on the fascinating history of the place and the Great War. He had painstakingly researched my grandfather’s role at Ypres and unearthed information, including his trench location (which we visited) that was not known to the family. It truly brought history alive. He mixes scholarly research with an engaging style that captures the imagination. Allied with the gently rolling landscape where all the action took place makes it all too easy to imagine the horror of being in the trenches over 100 years ago. Jeremy is genuinely a master of his subject and knew the answers to virtually all our myriad of questions. He is rightly recognised for his expertise, enthusiasm, passion for his subject and engaging manner by his participation in many TV projects. It was a great experience and I would recommend the tour to anyone.”
Charles Atkins, Guildford, October 2023

“It really was a wonderful three days cycling with you through the battlefields, benefitting at every stop from your immense, passionate and detailed knowledge of WW1. The tour was everything we could have wanted. We all gained a vivid idea of the true horror of the war through your ability to convey not only the big picture, but also the individual stories of those involved. By cycling the routes it also gave a true perspective of the area, which perhaps might have been lost by driving, plus giving time for timely reflection and appreciation.

The personal connections that you were able to research and recount to us were deeply moving and gave additional meaning. Thank you for your time spent recovering all the information. Despite the obvious seriousness of the tour it was also fun! Lots of engaging stories and anecdotes, lunch and, more importantly, beer stops and some enjoyable and very tasty evening meals. For me personally it was a life changing experience and a weekend I will remember.”
Dr Siobhan Carroll, Guildford, October 2023

“We had a superb weekend with Jeremy. Cycling through the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium provided a vivid perspective of the WW1 experience, giving a much more tangible perception of the size and scale of the conflicts of over 100 years ago. Jeremy’s expansive knowledge and thorough research of the period intensifies an appreciation for the events of the time and brings to life the many stories of the individuals involved, in the very locations where they experienced them! The carefully curated and personalised routes made for full days of exploring and learning which were greatly enjoyed. Jeremy also left time for a cold beer and several bowls of Belgian fries at the end of the day which capped off a memorable experience – thank you very much!”
Thomas Symons, UK, August 2023

“Many thanks for a wonderful few days. I loved every minute of it. The tour was everything I’d hoped for: getting a proper perspective of the ground that was being fought over, the tactics and strategies and the human stories. Plus the cycling on quiet country roads on hallowed ground. And, of course, fantastic company. Arras was a great place to use as a base. Overall, I’d say it was three of the most memorable and moving days I’ve ever spent anywhere which will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Adrian Heywood, Teddington, May 2023

“A thoroughly enjoyable few days in beautiful countryside with all the benefits of a civilised French town each evening. You are hugely knowledgeable and the careful balance of anecdotes, context and topography truly brought the place and its history to life.”
Martin Pearse, St Albans, May 2023

“There was so much to see, absorb and learn that I’d like to do it again next year. I can pay you no bigger compliment than that.”
Andrew Heywood, Canterbury, May 2023

“Jeremy excels at bringing to life both the big picture and the specific incident, and above all, at humanizing the history of the Western Front through recounting the stories of the people who served there. He can immerse you in the collective experience of entire units and the personal lives of individuals while relating the whole to the landscape on which you are standing. As someone who had spent years reading innumerable archival documents and published primary and secondary sources before ever having the opportunity to set foot on a battlefield, I know that there is no substitute for experiencing first-hand the landscape of the Western Front. No amount of reading or poring over maps can fully prepare one to appreciate instantly the significance of the terrain itself as a primary source. This is why anyone, no matter how widely-read, benefits immensely from the knowledge of an experienced guide to the landscape, and I can think of no better guide to have than Jeremy. He can take you to what looks like an empty field, a rural village, or a grove of trees and transport you to the events that occurred there a century ago.

He is a born storyteller whose ability to entertain is underpinned by a scholar’s capacity to analyze, interpret, and enlighten. This combination is a rare gift. In short, he knows his stuff and has clearly mastered the relevant archival and published source material. If Jeremy held an academic appointment at a university, students would be lining up to take his courses.

Having toured with Jeremy on two different occasions, once by car, and the second time by bicycle, I can testify to how much greater the connection one makes with the landscape when cycling it. Novice cyclists need not fear the challenge, for there could be few people less conditioned to spending three consecutive days “in the saddle” than me, and it all went brilliantly. The landscape of the Canadian Corps’ 1918 battlefields was very forgiving, and any challenges for a non-cyclist like me (such as a couple of cobblestone paths and that head wind up to Monchy Le Preux) were met by the manageable pace set by Jeremy, good bicycles, and the moderate amount of training I did during the weeks preceding our trip.

None of this would have turned out as wonderfully as it did without the incredible preparatory work done by Jeremy before the tour. He visited the ground himself, cycled it to determine the best routes, and must have spent countless hours of research to develop an itinerary that was entirely tailored to our interests. Every stop at a cemetery, a point of tactical interest, or a key objective was accompanied by a rich array of operational context and fascinating stories. Like many successful set-piece battles, Jeremy rehearsed the tour and worked it out in advance to minute detail so that it all came off in fantastic fashion. I can’t think of a touring experience that better exemplifies the dictum of Lt-Gen Sir Arthur Currie, GOC Canadian Corps: “Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing.”
Dr. David Campbell (author of ‘It Can’t Last Forever: The 19th Battalion and the Canadian Corps in the First World War’), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, summer 2017

“I have had the pleasure of being on tour with Jeremy several times, and on the last two occasions we took to the battlefields by bicycle. Cycling offered a unique perspective of the battlefields as we were able to appreciate the terrain as we travelled and access areas that would have been difficult via car. We were also able to enjoy great company and beautiful countryside.

As we travelled, Jeremy was able to bring the battlefields to life. Throughout the tour he was able to point out key points and highlight key events. Innocuous looking fields, often off the beaten track, were brought to life with accounts of harrowing events or acts of tremendous bravery. Jeremy gave a unique insight to the events that had unfolded around us which would have been lost if we had merely sped from point to point in the enclosed cocoon of our car. We felt so much more connected with events. This was further enhanced through Jeremy’s use of firsthand accounts, war diaries and photos which he produced at key locations on the tours. He does his research thoroughly and ties it all together perfectly.

I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and diligent. And the inclusion of the bicycles, not only connects you to the battlefield in the way a car can’t, it adds an additional dimension that keeps everyone smiling in the bar at the end of the day. You certainly feel you have deserved that cold beer!”
Martin Prendergast, Berkshire, June 2017

“We’ve just enjoyed a really superb weekend with Jeremy learning about the WW1 battlefields. The narrative and backdrop to the historical facts which he provides really helps to understand what was going on and how the war was waged from both sides. Jeremy is like a walking (or should that be cycling!) encyclopedia. His knowledge stretches beyond the history books to include people from a wide spectrum of society who were caught up in the war. He researches each story meticulously to build up a rich tapestry of the time. Our four day trip included the Somme, the Battle of Arras and Ypres which allowed us to touch on some of the most salient aspects of each which we will remember for many years to come. The combination of cycling and history is hard to beat – with Jeremy an expert in both. We could have done this trip without Jeremy but it would not have been half as memorable, we would have learned much less and not had nearly as much fun. We will be back another time. Thank you!”
Trish McKellar, Hertfordshire, September 2019

“I was unsure what more Jeremy could bring to his battlefield tours by using bicycles but was amazed. Having done five tours with Jeremy by car and foot I was intrigued what difference being on a bike would make. As he had explained, it gave a much deeper perspective of the topography of land and the importance this had on battles. Most of these changes in gradient would have been unnoticeable by car but on a bike you appreciated what an undulation meant to the men moving forward into battle. Travelling by bike also gives you valuable thinking and reflection time between stops whilst also taking in the magnificent scenery and villages.

With Jeremy imparting so much incredibly detailed information and, most importantly to me, personal stories, being on the bike gave me time to take it all in. We were able to travel to more places and a more diverse selection of areas of interest that were not necessarily accessible by car. Jeremy geared the route to my fitness level. Being able to pay your respects at so many stunning cemeteries was also incredibly important to me and travelling by bike seemed to make this more personal as you had made the effort to cycle there rather than jumping in and out of a car. On a lighter note it is great fun and a wonderful way to earn your beer or wine in the evening as you sit and chat about the phenomenal day you have just had.”
Sally Weston, Bangkok, Thailand

“We visited the Somme during the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Welsh Division attack onto Mametz wood. As a group of former Infantry officers from a Welsh Regiment, Mametz was firmly imprinted in our minds as an important moment in Regimental history. Jeremy put together an itinerary that placed the battle fully in context and, with a keen eye for ground and detail, brought the battlefield to life with a mix of his extensive knowledge and use of war diaries, medal citations and eyewitness accounts.

Ahead of our visit, I mentioned that my Great-Grandfather had been wounded whilst serving with the Devonshire Regiment. Jeremy took us to the likely site of his wounding and was able, using period mapping and the Battalion War Diary, to talk us through the action. It was incredibly moving to walk the ground, where 100 years earlier, my Great-Grandfather had moved with his Battalion into the attack. There is no way I would have found this location without Jeremy’s knowledge.

The cycling routes Jeremy selected were excellent and fully within the capabilities of the group. Traversing the battlefield by bicycle, rather than car or bus, greatly added to our appreciation of the importance of the ground of the Somme; Jeremy has an Infantryman’s eye for the impact of terrain and a clear understanding of the equipment and human aspects of warfare. Perhaps the best indicator of success is repeat business; we planned a 2017 visit immediately upon return from our Somme visit and this Summer we will return for our third trip led by Jeremy, this time to explore the events of 1918.”
Steve Mannings, Hampshire, June 2017

“I had the distinct pleasure in the summer of  2017 of participating in a three day cycling trip with Jeremy Banning and two other Canadian friends.  I should add that this was my third First World War expedition since 2013 with Jeremy (surely positive testimony in of itself) but the first tour on a bicycle.  I became aware on previous trips that Jeremy is a keen recreational cyclist and wondered if he might consider guiding a “Canadian-centric” trip.  We were particularly interested in cycling the terrain of the Canadians during the Last 100 Days of 1918  in the areas of  Amiens, Arras, the Canal du Nord, Bourlon Wood, and Cambrai.   Neither myself or my companions had prior visits to these regions and we did not know if cycling these sectors was even a tenable consideration.  Jeremy informed us that it definitely could be done and proposed an excursion.

What an experience!  This was “custom touring” at its very best. This was not a ‘standard’ tour that Jeremy had conducted previously but a totally new itinerary that was specifically tailored to our interests (and fitness  levels). While the general touring plan was known prior to our departure, it was not until we were underway that the full extent of Jeremy’s preparation (geographical reconnaissance, reading up on the Canadian Corps, and fact finding on specific Canadian soldiers) became apparent.  This speaks volumes to his commitment to do the background research to ensure a personalised experience for his clients. Preparedness is what you get when you retain a professional guide of this calibre.

At least as important as the actual touring was the ‘fun factor’ during this outing.  Jeremy has a tremendously engaging personality, a voice that never quits, and an infectious passion for his area of expertise.  A perhaps unexpected aspect of touring with Jeremy is a daily little mystery or surprise that he keeps secret until you arrive at a destination where he will recount a poignant or otherwise compelling anecdote. All great fun.

If you have an interest in the First World War Western Front and enjoy cycling, this is your man. Unequivocally highly recommended and I am looking forward to the next time.”
Dr. Mark Sadler, Halifax, Nova Scotia, summer 2017

“We spent three fantastic days with Jeremy exploring the battlefields of the Somme, Arras and Loos – on bikes! As part of the trip Jeremy researched my grandfather’s story in the Irish Guards and found where and how he won his Military Cross (and got injured in the process). Jeremy is unbelievably knowledgeable about the battlefield sites specifically and about the First World War. He brings an incredible level of passion and insight to his subject. For both myself, and my son, who joined us, this was a poignant, indeed life changing experience. I can’t recommend Jeremy highly enough.”
John O’Brien, Surrey, May 2017

“I have travelled twice from Canada to France and on both occasions thoroughly enjoyed a WWI themed history tour with Jeremy Banning. The most recent visit was a cycling adventure (which I’d highly recommend). Regardless, I found Jeremy to be extremely well-informed as to the subject matter, prepared completely for our daily sojourns into the field, and a highly entertaining dinner companion for our daily wrap-ups. I fully intend to make future tours.”
Richard B. Stevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, summer 2017

“Thank you for the last few days on the battlefields of the Somme and Arras, and for providing your knowledge and experience. It was an extraordinary couple of days and while I ‘enjoyed’ them, it produced for me a mixture of great reflection, some depression and considerable impression. An odd word to use in the circumstances, but your knowledge brought these battles ‘alive’. I will still find it difficult to imagine the circumstances, but perhaps they put into greater context the way we live today.”
Tim Spratt, UK, summer 2015

Thanks to Jeremy for bringing alive the Somme & Arras for us. They have gone in a few short days from being just names, albeit iconic ones, to truly meaningful places which will always evoke memories of the dreadful and heroic events which took place there in the First World War.
Alex Vandeleur, UK, summer 2015